Our Services

Radio Promotion: Developing an overall exposure strategy for your music, JMA will get your work airplay on the right radio stations and playlists in key markets.

Streaming and Social Media Marketing: JMA has deep relationships and working knowledge of all of the DSPs and social media platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Instagram, Facebook, etc. We know how to assist you in maximizing your presence in these vital areas.

Artist Development & Management Services: Catapulting early-stage and mid-stage artists into the next phase of their careers through uniquely customized plans including strategy in each of the critical areas from live performance, merchandising, PR, new media, and content creation. We firmly believe that if we can assist the artist in creating the best possible songs we can craft a development plan accordingly. The music is paramount and can truly succeed when combined with innovative campaigns and goals.

Industry Consulting: Tapping into our extensive network of relationships throughout the music industry, as well as other areas of businesses and financial institutions, to facilitate strategic collaborations and business opportunities among consumer brands, advertising agencies, mobile service providers, and the key players in the music industry. JMA is capable of providing advisory services for those seeking relationships within the entertainment industry, those have included venture capital firms, brands, and portfolio entities such as School of Rock.