Who we are

Jeff McClusky

Jeff has played a pivotal role in the exposure of music and contemporary recording artists for over 35 years. He has continually recreated the methods through which entertainment content is channeled to reach its target audience. His extensive network of relationships has been of resource as a music consultant and strategic intermediary between brands, advertising agencies, and the music industry at large. 


Ryan Carey

National Promotion Manager, Modern Rock, Top 40, Rhythm

Ryan graduated from Xavier University with a degree in Business Management.  Prior to JMA, he spent time working in event and talent management, music advertising and event placement. With considerable personal study in music performance and his proficiency in operations, coordination and management, Ryan utilizes his well balanced management base and promotion expertise in handling all new artist & consulting opportunities for JMA.


Jake Dinneen

Executive Assistant

Jake graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Communication and Media. Prior to working for JMA, he played in a variety of Chicago-based alternative bands while interning with Music Garage. It is here where he gained considerable experience as an office coordinator and music industry professional. His experiences as an office manager with DePaul’s University Center for Writing-based Learning allowed him the opportunity to explore his leadership and organizational capabilities. Here at JMA, he handles all the administrative duties for Jeff, as well as acts as the point person for incoming artist submissions. 


Scott Sheldon

Rhythm Crossover Promotion/Artist Development

Scott graduated from University Of Hartford with a degree in Sociology. Before working with JMA he worked in artist development, web design, event and talent management and interned with Interscope Records, where he gained a solid understanding of publicity. His experience as an artist and promoter combined with his understanding of web design, social media, and the music industry have provided him with a set of tools he utilizes in the dual areas of rhythm promotion and artist management and development for JMA. 



Project Manager and Internship Coordinator

Isabella is a rising Senior at DePaul University studying Media & Cinema Studies and Journalism. She first interned with JMA for a year before being promoted to product manager and internship coordinator. Prior to her time at JMA, she worked on a variety of independent film sets, provided students at DePaul with writing-based tutoring services, and contributed to a weekly popular culture podcast. She is now the point of reference for all internship coordination and a small collection of artist development projects. 


Intern program

The internship program at Jeff McClusky & Associates has been a developing work in progress over the past several years; it has grown substantially in its depth, curriculum, and hands-on opportunities for students.  We are very proud of the high regard given to JMA by students and faculty for our mentorship, engagement of participants, and enthusiasm for the business that we love.  

Current Interns

Darian Farrell is a second-year graduate student studying Applied Social Psychology at Loyola University. She has been an intern since fall of 2017 and is interested in Music Supervision. 

Elisabeth Walker is a senior studying Marketing and Sales Leadership at DePaul University. She has been an intern since fall of 2017 and is interested in Artist Development and Social Media. 


Many of Jeff McClusky & Associates’ best and brightest have continued onto other organizations within the music industry including:

Compass Records, co-sign, Live Nation, Maverick, Monterey International, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Victory Records, Warner Music Group, and The Windish Agency.